25 January 2018
Trees on livestock farms

AFINET meeting - Shropshire

30 January 2018
Intercropping field lab

An opportunity to develop research questions, identify synergies and determine what to trial

19 December 2017
ORC Bulletin 123 on its way!

And Bulletin 122 available for free download

11 December 2017
Soil Farmer of the Year competition

Entries open for 2018

7 December 2017
Intercropping opportunities

Farmers invited to take part in diverse cropping project to increase yields


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Soil Farmer of the Year competition, 11 December 2017
Entries open for 2018

Intercropping opportunities, 7 December 2017
Farmers invited to take part in diverse cropping project to increase yields

Innovation and sustainability in organic dairy farming, 8 November 2017
Pan-European research boosts innovation and sustainability in organic dairy farming

Diversity in crop production, 26 October 2017
ORC Farmer and Business Supporters’ Group 3rd Annual Gathering

European Symposium on Pollarding 1-3 March 2018, Basque Country, 24 October 2017
Last minute call for abstracts

Seeds as commons – key for organic plant breeding, 23 October 2017
Establishing alternatives to seed monopolies

Organic Innovation Days 2017, 20 October 2017
this year's winners have been selected

Organic and Low-Input Dairy Farming, 17 October 2017
Avenues to Enhance Sustainability and Competitiveness in the EU

Trees and livestock, 15 October 2017
What is the role of trees and woodland on an upland livestock farm today?

ORC Wakelyns Population on sale!, 13 October 2017
ORC Wakelyns Population Winter Wheat seed is available to order from Walnes Seeds